ELAC – Debut IC-D61-W Custom in-Ceiling Speaker (Ea)

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ELAC – Debut IC-D61-W Custom in-Ceiling Speaker (Ea) Description

Wholly Based on the Acclaimed Debut B6 and Designed by Andrew Jones: ELAC IC-D61-W Custom In-Ceiling Loudspeaker Delivers Cutting-Edge Overhead Sound, Disappears from View Take your movies and music to a higher plane. Based on ELAC ‘s groundbreaking Debut Series loudspeakers, the IC-D61-W custom in-ceiling loudspeaker lets you take advantage of cutting-edge surround-sound and home-theater channels like never before at this price point. Designed by Andrew Jones , the two-way IC-D61-W might be invisible once it’s placed in your ceiling. Yet its detailed, punchy, and dynamic performance is anything but inconspicuous. Custom transducers and components, along with robust molded cabinets, set new benchmarks. Forget what you think you know about in-ceiling speakers. IC-D61-W wipes the slate clean with a 6.5-inch woven aramid-fiber woofer with oversized magnets. A cloth-dome tweeter, deep-spheroid waveguide, customized six-element crossover, magnetic metal grille, and slim profile round out a versatile speaker that perfectly mates with ELAC ‘s other Debut Architectural Series in-wall loudspeakers and in-wall center-channel speaker. Now’s the time to turn one of your rooms into a surround-sound paradise everyone will enjoy. Customization – and great fidelity – have never come easier. Andrew Jones-Designed Drivers Match Intricate Crossover, Spheroid Waveguide
 Andrew Jones custom-designed both the tweeter and bass driver to deliver an exceptional audio experience that can’t be delivered with typical off-the-shelf parts. A custom crossover with audio-grade components ensures smooth transition between drivers. In addition, a custom-designed tweeter waveguide with a deep spheroid profile improves directivity control and shields the tweeter wave front from cabinet diffraction. Aramid-Fiber Cones Add Strength and Smoothness 
 Woven aramid fiber offs

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