OSD Audio Subwoofer Amplifier (400W)

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OSD Audio Subwoofer Amplifier (400W) Description

Length:400W OSD Audio’s SMP500DSP Class D Subwoofer Amp is designed for use with higher wattage passive subwoofers such as in-wall subs that require external power. This sturdy sub amplifier is not for the faint of heart. It serves up 1000 watts of power peak and 400W RMS @ 4 ohm, so to say that it is powerful is an understatement. You’ll experience deep, rich and crisp bass while watching your favorite movies, especially action and adventure flicks. A big bang for the buck, features include a front-mounted power meter, back panel adjustable gain and volume control limiter to protect the woofers as well as low-level and high-level pass-through input/outputs to cover newer and old school sound systems. Combining the best qualities of both class A and B amp technologies, distortion is low while efficiency is high, and the SMP500DSP Mono Amp also includes a variable high cut filter that routes higher frequencies to main speakers. This allows subs to concentrate on the low frequency sound effects for which they are designed and keeps low bass away from your surround speakers for much cleaner highs and midrange. This sub amp does more than just supply power. You’ll notice an improvement in the overall sound quality of your entire home theater surround sound system.Specifications:• Mono Class D dedicated subwoofer amplifier• 1000 Peak Power / 400W Continuous RMS @ 4 ohm• Total Harmonic Distortion (THD): • Variable High Cut Filter 30Hz – 150Hz; front panel Knob• Additional Front panel controls: Phase Switch and Volume Control• Choice of Signal Level Input or LFE (Low Frequency Effects)• Three Turn on Choices: Music Sensing, Manual On or hard 12 Volt Trigger• Back Panel Adjustable Gain /Volume Control Limiter• Both Signal (Low Level) and Speaker (High Level) Pass through Input/outputs• Maximum Output: two 8-ohm Sub Woofers or Single 8-ohm DVC Woofer• 110/220V switchable• D*W*H 14” x 17.13”W x 1.7” H x 9.5”D • 7.6 pounds• Auto Off Time: 20 minutes• Auto-on Sensitivity: 5 mV• Remote control included• 2-Year Warranty

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